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How to Quickly bring Dairy Ingredients to Room Temperature

by Lily
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Room temperature ingredients help create a smoother batter or dough. If you forget to place your dairy ingredients out ahead of time, you can use some kitchen tricks to speed up this process.

How to soften butter

Whether it is salted or unsalted butter, place it (wrapper-free) into a microwave-friendly bowl. Set the function to “Inverter Turbo Defrost” on your microwave and ‘thaw’ butter 15 seconds at a time until it is soft enough to the touch but not completely melted. Microwave features vary; some may have a ‘Melt & Soften’ feature, others will not have any of the features mentioned above. The rule of thumb is to watch your butter closely and heat it for about 15 seconds at a time until it softens. If your butter melts to a point where the whey protein and fat have separated in liquid form, you will have to start over with a new batch of butter since this will not be useful for your baking anymore. Save this liquid butter for cooking savoury dishes instead.

How to bring eggs to room temperature

Submerge eggs (uncracked) in a large bowl with hot tap water for about 5 to 10 minutes until it no longer feels cold to the touch.

Alternatively, you can place all of the cracked eggs into a small measuring cup, then place this small cup into a larger measuring cup filled with hot tap water. Let this sit for 5 to 10 minutes or until eggs are no longer cold. Be careful not to let the water from the large cup spill into the small measuring cup containing the eggs.

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